"One day, I'm going to be a real boy!"

Should a robot be legally considered a person?  New legislation proposed in the European Union aims to establish “electronic person-hood” for robots.  Many object to this idea, saying it’s far too early to address such things.

"The Jetsons", Hanna-BArbera, 1962
Should Robots Be Treated Like Humans?

So many people treat animals like they are people these days, right? Our pets have their own doctors. We talk to them. We give them favor and laws to protect them. People love their animals. In this same regard, people love their technology. As technology becomes more intelligent and personal and predictive people will become just as attached to their "robots" as one could be attached to a friend.

This poses the question, should we begin to treat these robots like humans?

In my opinion, the reason this is even becoming a 'thing' is because robots are increasingly taking over the jobs of humans. So what does this mean for the government? What does this mean for taxes? Unemployment? What if a robot accidentally kills someone? Who is responsible? Who owns the robot? Who is sentenced or fined?

This may not be as far off debate as one might think. Prepare to have an opinion because one day, it will matter.

How does this nFluent you?
Now, I will tie this into a creative idea for your project. The beautifully made video below was put together by taking pre-recorded video from NASA and making a story out of it. Does you or your business have pre-recorded footage? Could there possibly be something creative hidden within material you already have for your social media?


Robbie - A Short Film By Neil Harvey from Neil Harvey on Vimeo.